When you go camping, do you bring the hot dogs, marshmallows, other S’mores supplies, and the dutch ovens? Hey, that’s great, but it sure does require a lot of packing and planning. Would you rather keep it simple and pack some military grade MRE meals and snacks? You can even choose to warm them if you want, but they are still prepared ahead of time. Not only do you save time, but you save space as well. Plus, while you have the option to heat them up, you can certainly just open them and eat them as well.

You might be wondering about the different types of meals and snacks that there are. There is quite a selection, and it’s cool because you get the advantage of bulk pricing. You’ll notice when looking at the meals that if you do choose to heat them, you don’t necessarily need a microwave. There are what’s called MRE heaters, and isn’t that quite convenient?

You can even pack MRE drinks, and get this, there are MRE desserts, too! Are you wondering what kinds of desserts there are available? I bet they would be rather delicious, don’t you? You can get your hands on some delicious military grade instant coffee as well. These meals and all of the food supplies available in the MRE packages are rather interesting. Imagine camping and getting a kick out of knowing you’re eating what the military men and women are eating.

If you’ve not been in the military, that definitely makes this experience appealing. If you ask me, I’m game, as I would like to be out in nature enjoying delicious yet straightforward meals from the military. I might even camouflage my face and start tracking game. In all seriousness, it sounds like quite the experience, am I right?